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2021 COVID Information

As we approach the 2021-22 season we wait for direction from the school district and officials regarding COVID-19 guidelines and masking requirements.  While we had hoped things would be beyond this point, these guidelines may again be fluid throughout the season.  Please be patient and flexible.  The NBA is required to follow the rules of the facilities it uses and tournaments it plays in.  

2020 COVID-19 Guidelines and Preparedness Plan

General Decision Making Guidelines:

The NBA will be following the same MDH/MDE Decision Tree that the Northfield Public Schools are using.  Please see the link here:

STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK OR HAVE COVID SYMPTOMS.  If your player tests positive for COVID-19 notify NBA CCM (Covid Compliance Manager), Nancy Fox, by filling out the NBA COVID Reporting Form linked here, so proper contact tracing and notifications can be made, if needed.

Players/Parents - 
  • Report a positive case, symptoms OR close contact had by your player to the NBA via our COVID Reporting Form linked above. 
  • Report a positive case for your player to the MDH (
Coaches - 
  • Report any known cases on your team (player or coach) to the NBA
  • Track practice/game attendance
  • Track associations played at weekend tournaments
CCM (COVID Compliance Manager) - Each association is required by the MYBA (MN Youth Basketball Alliance) to name a Covid Compliance Manager to track and manage positive cases and close contacts within their association and monitor compliance with all required regulations.
If a positive case is reported, the CCM will:
  • Contact NBA participants and, if applicable, other associations who had close contact exposure with the positive person within 48 hours of first symptoms or positive test (for asymptomatic persons)
  • Remind parents to notify the MDH and request permission to or ensure parents has notified the school district
  • Inform positive individual and close contacts of quarantine requirements in conjunction with the MDH decision tree (linked above) and in accordance with the MYBA decision tree for youth sports (Linked HERE)
**CCM will report to the MYBA every two weeks.  Only numbers will be reported, names will not be used.
Positive COVID test: 
Please note that if your player tests positive for COVID-19, in accordance to the Decision Tree above, they will need quarantine and be absent from basketball activities for 10 days starting the day the test was administered.  
Close Contacts: 
If your player is a "close contact" to someone who has tested positive they will need to quarantine and be absent from basketball activities for 14 days starting the day AFTER the date of contact.  
For PRACTICE purposes a “close contact” is defined as any participant, player or coach who shares the same court on the date in question.
For GAME purposes a “close contact” is defined as all players on both teams; coaches are only close contacts to their own team; referees are not close contacts to players or coaches.
Practice Guidelines and Procedures:
Due to the Northfield Public School policy, only players and coaches are allowed into the school buildings during any practice/scrimmage sessions.  Therefore, parents MUST pick up and drop off curbside or from outside the building doors.  Coaches will be at the doors to let players in and will accompany them to the doors for them to exit.   Each facility will have a designated drop off and pick up door that the players will need to use.  These doors will be communicated.

Players and Coaches MUST wear a mask AT ALL TIMES upon entering the building and during the course of play.  No Exceptions will be made at this time(Players have the option to 'pause' and rejoin the team when restrictions are lifted, if/when that happens, and should inform the NBA of that preference).  Players will also need to use hand sanitizer as they enter and exit the buildings.

At this time, NBA teams sharing the gym during practice time will not scrimmage to help eliminate potential spread/close contact situations across teams.

Players are encouraged to bring their own basketballs to practice.  If you do not have a basketball, one will be assigned to Travel players for the season to be returned along with your uniform in good condition.  Please make sure that your player's basketball is the appropriate size for their age level (4th grade-27.5, 5th/6th-28.5, 7th/8th-full sized men's ball).  Coaches will be provided a game/scrimmage ball that will be disinfected intermittently as it is used.   In-House basketballs will be disinfected between each session, as they are used.

Players should bring their own water bottles, as water fountains will not be available.  

PLEASE help us to enforce and follow these guidelines.  We are mandated to do so by the State and MYBA governing bodies and can be reported if not in compliance.  Doing these things will provide us with the greatest chance to get the season up and running again and allow our kids to do something they love!
If you have questions please reach out to a NBA Board member.  **If you have complaints about the specific rules/regulations imposed by the State of MN please direct those to the Governor's office as the NBA can not make any changes or exceptions those items.**