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10,000 Shot Club

Boys 5,000/10,000 Shot Club Information

The Raider 5,000/10,000 Shot Program is a chance for you to improve your shooting skills over the summer giving you a goal you can achieve.  The shot club consists of two shooting routines, working a variety of shots and drills.  Here is how you can be part of the short program:

  • ROUTINE #1 (detailed on the shot calendar) is made up of 250 shots in different styles and locations on the court
  • ROUTINE #1 is an Around the World style routine with players shooting from 15 different shots on the court (diagram available on the shot calendar)

The Shot Club calendar is available below for all players that would like to participate to record their shots. Simply fill out the calendar over the summer and email it in before October 1 to NBARaiders.president  

The following criteria/guidelines should be followed:

• Players can start shooting as soon as the season is done and add those shots to their totals recorded from April - September
• You may credit 150 shots if you attend regular camp or practice, and 100 shots for every regulation game you play. 
• Have your parent(s) / guardian initial every 1000 shots and sign at the end verifying players completed their goal.

• Deadline for returning shot charts is October 1.

It has often been said that teams are made during the season and players are made over the summer. By working on your game this summer and getting quality shots up and ball handling on a daily basis you will improve your shooting and give yourself an advantage over your competition. Everyone can succeed and you are encouraged to shoot as much as you can.

5,000/10,000 Shot Club Members – Get your name on the web site, recognition at a varsity game and a 5,000/10,000 Shot Club shirt.

Players should work through one of these two routines each day (in full, or in part) to fulfill their shots for the summer.  HAVE FUN!  You Can Do It!

Click on the link below to print your calendar and view routines.

Extra Shooting Workout Ideas

Here are some additional shooting drills to add to your summer workouts and practice time suggested by the varsity coaches.  

Building a Shooter Video

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