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10,000 Shot Club

2020 Boys 5,000/10,000 Shot Club Information

The Raider 5,000/10,000 Shot Program is a chance for you to improve your shooting skills over the summer giving you a goal you can achieve.  In 2020 the shot club will consist of two shooting routines, working a variety of shots and drills.  Here is how you can be part of the short program:

  • ROUTINE #1 (detailed on the shot calendar) is made up of 250 shots in different styles and locations on the court
  • ROUTINE #1 is an Around the World style routine with players shooting from 15 different shots on the court (diagram available on the shot calendar)

Players should work through one of these two routines each day (in full, or in part) to fulfill their shots for the summer.  HAVE FUN!  You Can Do It!

Click on the link below to REGISTER ONLINE:

Extra Shooting Workout Ideas

Here are some additional shooting drills to add to your summer workouts and practice time suggested by the varsity coaches.  

Building a Shooter Video

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2019 - 5,000 and 10,000 Shot Club Members!

Congratulations to this year's Shot Club members!  These players demonstrated persistence and dedication over the summer to MAKE 5,000 or 10,000 free throws!  An amazing job by all participants!

5,000 Shot Club Members

Garrett Hoernke

Tyler Hupton

Jake Larsen

Oliver Peterson

George Peterson

Reed Roiger

Noah Scheffler

10,000 Shot Club Members

Isaac Alladin

Carter Dumonceaux

Broder Eliason

Jacob Fox

Nolan Fox

Nolan Feldhake

Tyler Holz

Isaac Kram

Isaiah Mahal

Aidan Molesky

Davis Ness

Kayden Oakland

Liam Oakland

Carter Steenblock